How can Husky help your business?

The Husky fleet program

Get discounted fuel and all the coffee and snacks your drivers need to keep your fleet going strong. With hundreds of stations and locations in your communities and around North America, we’re there where you need us.

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The Husky Commercial Program

Husky’s large North American network provides the best way to cost effectively manage your commercial fuel needs and operations – from high-level reporting and discounted fuel to bulk sales and in-store rewards for drivers.

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Husky, we're there for your business.


Husky has combined our Travel Centre and cardlock network with Esso to create a single truck transport fuel network of more than 150 sites in Canada.

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Husky Travel Centres

Husky Travel Centres are strategically situated on major highway routes. With cardlocks, showers and a place to rest, they are an oasis for long-distance travelers seven days a week.

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Husky House Restaurant

With more than 40 locations, Husky House Restaurants specialize in home-style cooking, friendly service and great value!

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Husky Bulk Plants

For businesses that buy in large quantities, Husky bulk plants offer a range of commercial gasoline , diesel fuel and lubricants.

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