Husky Gift Cards

Terms and Conditions  Husky Gift Cards, 25$, 50$ and 100$ Fanned out with a puppy in a gift box.

Husky gift card Terms and Conditions are stated on the back of the card as follows:

  • Present this card to pay for eligible products and services at any participating Husky Retail location in Canada.
  • To protect the balance on your card against loss or theft, please register your card. Card cannot be refunded, redeemed for cash, or replaced if lost/stolen (unless the balance is registered for protection).
  • Husky will replace the remaining balance on a registered card at the time we are notified of its loss. Husky will not replace non-registered cards.
  • Purchase will be deducted from the balance remaining on the card.
  • Use of this card is subject to the terms and conditions governing its use, which may be amended from time to time.
  • Check card balance by visiting
  • Issued by Husky Oil Limited.
  • Protect the card like cash.

Program information

  • The program allows persons with registered Husky gift card balances to contact Husky for reimbursement of lost, stolen or faulty, damaged Husky gift cards. The program also allows persons with unregistered faulty or damaged Husky gift cards to contact Husky for reimbursement.
  • Husky reserves the right to restrict, suspend or otherwise change any aspect of the program or the Terms and Conditions, to improve the integrity of the program. In the event these Terms and Conditions, or any aspect of the program is restricted, suspended or changed, Husky will provide advance notice by posting the amended information on the website and notifying those persons with registered balances by e-mail or mail.
  • If events beyond Husky's control affect its ability to operate the program, i.e. a technical outage that results in limited or no access to gift card balances and the ability to redeem, Husky will provide notice by posting details information on the website and notifying those persons with registered balances by e-mail.
  • Use of the Husky gift card constitutes acceptance of the Terms and Conditions in the previous section and on the back of each gift card.

Card information

  • The full amount of the gift card is applied to the transaction amount, including taxes. If a balance remains, it can be applied toward future purchases. Cash will not be given for remaining balances on a card.
  • If a purchase exceeds the amount on the gift card, the cardholder is responsible for paying the difference at the time of purchase. Accepted forms of payment include cash, credit, debit and activated Husky gift cards.
  • Purchases are deducted from the card amount until the value reaches zero. The balance is automatically adjusted with each transaction.
  • In accordance with Federal and Provincial tax legislation, GST, PST, HST and any other applicable taxes are calculated and payable by the Husky gift card cardholder on the full amount of the purchase price of the item(s).

Lost or stolen cards

  • Husky will replace the remaining balance on a registered lost or stolen gift card when notified of its loss. Unauthorized use of the gift card up to that time is solely the responsibility of the cardholder.
  • The personal information you provide (when registering your gift card) is used to verify your identity before a replacement card is processed.
  • Once reported, a lost or stolen gift card is cancelled and cannot be used for future purchases.

Note: Husky is not responsible for unregistered lost or stolen cards.

Defective or damaged cards

  • Call Customer Service at 1-855-775-5405.
  • Husky will replace the balance once verified by Customer Service.
  • The defective card is cancelled and cannot be used for future purchases.

Replacement cards

Two options are available to replace your defective/damaged or registered lost or stolen card:

  1. Mail delivery - delivery is approximately five business days (ground delivery).
  2. Picking up a replacement card at any participating Husky location. Call Customer Service at 1-855-775-5405 to activate.