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Mo’JO café - fresh premium coffee

Mo’JO café Three Promises

These are our promises to customers. Three promises that are so important we put them on each cup we sell.

Premium:  mo'JO cafe coffee is made from 100% Arabica beans, the highest quality beans on the market.  Settle in and enjoy a robust yet smooth cup of coffee in medium roast, dark roast and decaf.  

Fresh:  The key to a great cup of coffee is in the freshness. Our thermal pots are equipped with timers which ensure there is always a hot, fresh pot. Of course, even the freshest coffee can be affected by the quality of water used, which is why we use a water filtration system. This way your coffee tastes the way it was meant to taste!

My way:  Spruce up your mo'JO cafe coffee with flavoured syrup and creamers
or top up with hot chocolate or cappuccino. Customize your beverage at no
additional charge!


myHusky Rewards

myHusky Rewards members can enjoy a mo'JO cafe for only 130 points!


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Reusable cups

Help save the environment while saving you some money! Join the Refill Club by purchasing a 16 oz. travel cup or a 24oz mug and save 20 cents on any size every time you use the cup. Even better, your first fill is free!

Mo’JO café Refill Club