HuskyPRO Quick Reference

A driver’s Husky Fleet card was declined. Why?

There may be several reasons why a card is declined, from a purchase attempt made for an unauthorized product to a pump problem. Here are a few common reasons why a transaction using a HuskyPRO card could fail:

1. A driver enters the Unit Number and/or Driver Number incorrectly or in the wrong order. In this instance, drivers need to verify the correct information and try the transaction again. Note: Unit/Driver number entry sequence is different at the pumps than it is in store:  Pay at pump: enter Unit Number then Driver Number. In-store payment, enter Driver Number then Unit Number.

2. The transaction amount and/or fuel volume is over the daily limit you have set up. Daily limits have recently been changed to better reflect customer buying behaviours. If new limits still require adjustment, please call 1-855-278-7731.

3. A driver tried to purchase non-fuel items such as oil, car washes, windshield washer fluid and convenience store items that are not authorized by his or her company’s Fleet Manager. Drivers need to use another form of payment for these items and could follow up with their Fleet Manager to ask to have the items authorized for payment using HuskyPRO.

4. Your driver tries to complete a pay-at-pump transaction for more than one vehicle, using the same HuskyPRO card. The default is one card/one vehicle/one fuel purchase per day. The exception is In-station cards, which are set up for multiple fuel purchases for multiple vehicles on the same day. If you believe your card should be set up in this way, please call 1-855-278-7731.

If a driver is having problems conducting a transaction, please have them contact Customer Service at 1-855-278-7731.

What is a Driver Number and why does a driver need one?

The Driver Number is a security feature of the card program and, just like a PIN or Passcode, is a number that a company’s Fleet Manager assigns to each driver’s HuskyPRO card. The Driver Number must be entered with a driver’s Unit Number to complete a transaction. 

What if a driver doesn’t know their Driver Number? As this number is assigned by a company’s Fleet Manager and not by Husky, a driver must contact his or her Fleet Manager to get the information.

Can’t someone at the Husky station give a driver his or her Driver Number?

No. Husky personnel do not have access to Driver Number information and cannot check on a driver’s behalf.

Why can’t a driver buy non-fuel items (i.e., oil, windshield washer fluid, car washes) with a HuskyPRO card?

A driver can buy these items if their purchase is authorized - and set up - by a company’s Fleet Manager. If they are not authorized by a driver’s company, a driver will need to purchase them using another form of payment not authorized, you will need to use another form of payment. Note: a general rule of thumb is that HuskyPRO is fuel card, which means that convenience store items such as food and drinks cannot be authorized for purchase.